AI is influencing the telecom industry on many fronts. From proactive maintenance, network optimization, fraud protection, and 24-7 customer service with the use of chatbots and virtual assistants.

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AI enabled Telecom industry

Training Data for AI in Telecom

Virtual assistants and chatbots powered by AI that are tailored to the Telecom sector are answering consumer questions around-the-clock, saving time and money while improving the customer experience

An abundance of high-quality, diversified training datasets is required to create such powerful, interactive, multilingual chatbots and virtual assistants for the telecom business. Massive, ready-to-deploy datasets are provided for you by FutureBeeAI. With the assistance of our skilled professionals, FutureBeeAI can assist you with gathering unique audio, picture, text, and even synthetic datasets as well as annotating and transcribing the information.

Valuates projects that the global AI In telecommunication market size will reach $14.99B by 2027, from $11.89B in 2020, at a CAGR of 42.6% during 2021-2027.

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Quick Customer Query Resolution using AI/ML

Quick customer query resolution

A telecom chatbot and voice assistant AI can handle many requests at once. Telecom chatbots and voice AI can save a significant amount of time and manpower by answering general and particular client questions and assigning an agent if necessary to answer questions 24/7. For instance, a request to alter data plans or even to voice an issue could be made. Real-time query resolution is at the top of the list of AI applications in telecoms.

Unwavering Fraud Protection using AI/ML

Unwavering Fraud Protection

AI can assist humans in swiftly recognizing a pattern. As we all know, telecom fraud is a very prevalent occurrence that often necessitates more money, effort, and technological know-how to counteract. However, AI can now assist us in detecting trends to avoid fraud fast, saving resources, time, and money. A strong AI model for telecom can detect discrepancies and frequent symptoms of fraud before things arise. It can then flag the user and divert the user's attention to the appropriate team for further escalation.

Unhindered Conversions using AI/ML

Unhindered conversions

AI-trained telecom models help increase conversions for your network. A conversational voice or chatbot can use the obtained data to personalize recommendations, driving users farther down the funnel and boosting their chances of conversion. Unhindered discussions involve guiding users to conversions - your conversational AI can assist your users in making educated selections by recommending the most relevant alternatives to opt from.

Faster Customer Onboarding using AI/ML

Faster Customer Onboarding

We currently need to carry out various pre-steps for client onboarding manually, but AI now makes it possible to automate them. The user can be asked to provide the necessary papers, and an AI-powered telecom chatbot can easily gather and validate them all at once. The entire time for onboarding will be cut down, and the client experience will be enhanced.

Happier IVR Experience using AI/ML

Happier IVR Experience

AI can take the place of traditional IVR support, which requires users to wait on hold after requesting a connection to a live agent during each session. Voice bots powered by AI are used here. Despite the voice bot's potential to handle tickets all by itself, it can forward them to an available agent if necessary. Voice bots can quickly and accurately resolve lengthy, irritating IVR lines, resulting in happier, more gratifying brand perceptions.

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