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AI in real estate has emerged from the shadows and entered the mainstream. In virtual tours, property management, purchasing, selling, and home financing, AI has impacted every element of real estate.

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AI enabled Real Estate industry

Training Data for AI in Real Estate

AI is curiously transforming the real-estate ecosystem; AI-powered technologies allow clients to experience 3D views of properties without ever setting foot on the site, assisting owners in properly maintaining their property, assisting real estate businesses in obtaining better leads, and so on.

A large number of high-quality diversified training datasets are required to build such a robust and dynamic Real estate. FutureBeeAI provides huge datasets that are ready to deploy. Our expert team can help you gather bespoke speech, picture, video, text, and even synthetic datasets, as well as annotate and transcribe the data.

According to the CRE Innovation Report 2020, around 49% of commercial real estate executives acknowledge the fact that AI can produce operational efficiencies and massive budget savings.

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Virtual Tours using computer vision AI

Virtual Tours

The AI-powered computer vision, NLP, technology enables 3D views of properties without stepping foot in the property area. It has zoom-in, spoken notes, and panorama view functions. This is useful, particularly for homes situated overseas or under construction. Regular meetings between landlords and renters are also possible without face-to-face encounters.

Property Analysis And Future Valuations using AI/ML

Property analysis and future valuations

AI can anticipate the future value of any property by analyzing its surroundings (crime rate, malls, schools, purchasing trends, etc.) and each component of each dwelling. Using CV, NLP, and speech recognition technology, one can decide whether to buy or sell a home in a certain location.

Property Management using AI/ML

Property Management

AI technologies and our training datasets can be used to create property management solutions. Chatbots and AI assistants can improve communication between tenants, property managers, and landlords. The chatbots can deliver alerts and utility bills automatically, as well as answer correctly frequent questions from renters. Using AI, we can also create rental agreements and check real estate paperwork for errors like blank spaces and missing signatures, among other things.

Visual Inspection And Damage Detection using computer vision AI

Visual Inspection and Damage detection

Computer vision technology has opened new opportunities for real estate maintenance. Using a video analytic tool, property conditions can be analyzed and solutions for needed maintenance can be predicted. Property inspections and damage detection can prevent a lot of labor, time, and expense.

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