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AI-powered technologies assist online businesses in providing an optimal consumer experience both on and off their e-commerce platforms. AI has taken over this business to a new level of performance, from inventory management to consumer mood recognition to personified suggestions and handling client issues with the assistance of chatbots.

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AI enabled Retail & E-commerce industry

Training Data for AI in Retail & Ecommerce

AI is retail's saviour. AI offers good shopping experiences by proposing personalized products, answering real-time inquiries, and so on, increasing overall product sales and building customer confidence in relevant businesses.

To build such a powerful system that can completely service consumers, a large number of high-quality diversified training datasets are required. FutureBeeAI's expert team of people can help you gather bespoke speech, picture, video, text, and even synthetic datasets, as well as annotate and transcribe the data.

Facts & Factors says Artificial Intelligence in Retail market share value will grow to USD 20.05 billion by 2026.

Browse Structured Datasets in Retail & Ecommerce

Train & Deploy models with more than 200+ unique real-world Speech, Video, Text, Image, and Synthetic datasets

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Customer Service Optimization using AI/ML

Customer Service Optimization

Due to various restricted working hours and the human ability to respond to clients in a timely way, support teams are under severe strain. Support staff might face significant strain at any point throughout the working day, from addressing pre-purchase queries to managing returns and exchanges. However, AI can now fix all of these issues. AI-enabled chatbots and speech bots can service consumers around the clock and answer numerous questions without the need for human involvement

Smart Retail using AI/ML

Smart Retail

AI has the ability to change the retail industry. The retail sector will become more immersive, enhancing the overall customer experience and profitability. Automated check-in and check-out without the need for cash, facial recognition payment without the need for manual invoicing, the opportunity to see 3D products at home, and other features are all possible in retail settings with AI integration.

Product Categorization using AI/ML

Product Categorization

The retail and E-commerce industries depend heavily on the classification of products. It assists with the maintenance of inventory, orders, and the inventory chain's flow. If done manually, the categorization of products is difficult. AI image recognition technology can help us identify several comparable goods at once and provide the precise amount for each, allowing shops to manage their inventory and orders. However, this takes a lot of time and money.

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