AI is now widely used in the finance industry. The financial sector is implementing AI to automate its fundamental operations in order to achieve the greatest degree of accuracy, and speed for business processes, and to enhance customer experience.

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AI enabled Banking & Finance industry

Training Data for AI in Banking & Finance

The finance sector has undergone a transformation thanks to AI, which has also enhanced daily operations by resolving customer issues, collecting debts, and spotting fraud before it happens, making it the industry that has adopted AI the fastest and is currently reshaping the globe. The average man can now foresee, plan, and get individualized financial guidance, making finance no longer only a subject for professionals. Time spent on complicated financial challenges and banking processes has been cut down overall thanks to AI.

Finance application development requires a variety of high-quality training datasets. Large, ready-to-deploy datasets are available from FutureBeeAI for you. FutureBeeAI can assist you in gathering unique speech, text, pictures, and even synthetic datasets. We can also assist you with annotating and transcribing the data with the aid of our professional staff.

McKinsey estimates that for global banking AI technologies could potentially deliver up to $1 trillion of additional value each year.

Browse Structured Datasets in BFSI

Train & Deploy models with more than 200+ unique real world Image, Text and Speech datasets

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Data Security

Security Comes First

AI/ML for Customer Experience enhancement in BFSI

Customer Experience (CX)

Artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled NLP-based chatbots and speech bots can answer all of a customer's questions about monthly costs, loan eligibility, inexpensive insurance plans, and much more. It provides uninterrupted service to consumers around the clock.

AI/ML for Customer Sentiment Analysis in BFSI

Customer sentiment analysis

NLP-based AI systems can assist financial institutions in analyzing their customers' behavior and interests in order to personalize their services, boost customer happiness, and develop a strong marketing plan.

AI/ML for Data Security in BFSI

Data Security

Data security in banking and finance is vital; AI and machine learning technologies can assist to increase security by providing voice recognition, facial recognition, or other comparable biometric data.

AI/ML for Process Automation in BFSI

Process Automation

Accurately taught AI with quality datasets can automate many complicated processes and relieve humans of the load, allowing them to focus on more important work that requires human attention.

AI/ML for Data Management in BFSI

Data Management

Every second, BFSI generates massive amounts of data. AI implementation can assist in the administration and analysis of this data, as well as in making suitable financial decisions for specific clients to reduce risk.

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