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Pioneering the Path to a Human-Centric AI-Driven World

About FutureBeeAI's dataset pool for AI/ML model creation


The Foundation

FutureBeeAI is a leading service-providing company in the field of AI data sourcing and Localization. The journey started with the founder’s freelancing and now FutureBeeAI is a trusted team of thousands of passionate people.

We are serving AI startups and organisations with our biggest OTS training AI datasets, custom training data collection and various annotation services. FutureBeeAI wants to contribute to the development of a human-centric AI-quipped world and we are very keen to collaborate with organisations working for this mission

FutureBeeAI wants to build a world where reality is much more than our current ideas. We all want to contribute to the idea of responsible AI so that the machine will no longer be a strange machine in near future but become our good friend who will not only understand & respond to us in our language but also understand our emotions and feelings.

We believe that language is not only a medium of expression but a medium of understanding and approaching a vast culture. We want to make sure that nobody should be leftover from any technology, idea, or content just because of the language barrier and that's why we want to create an equal lingual world by providing world-class linguistic services. We have a proven track record of accelerating and scaling the AI/ML model creation process for companies working in the field of ASR, NLP, MT, Computer vision, or any other technology of AI/ML.

Bridging the digital divide through AI, machine learning, and other emerging technologies will help all of us. AI should be by us and for us. Let's shape our future together.

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The Minds Behind FutureBeeAI!


Jesal Thakkar

Jesal Thakkar

Founder & CEO

Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar

Co-Founder & Client Relationship Manager

Executive Leadership

Prakash Rao

Prakash Rao

Data & Community Manager

Bhavsinh Solanki

Bhavsinh Solanki

Technical Head

Operation & Execution

Marmik Patel

Marmik Patel

Tech Developer

Yash Patel

Yash Patel

Tech Developer

Build & Deploy with Confidence

Achievement So Far

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Satisfied Client Base

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Global Crowd Community of Data Providers

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Pre-made Datasets to Scale AI Across Technologies.

Why Us?

Privacy & Security

We ensure privacy through stringent NDAs and project anonymity while ensuring data security through most compliant servers and latest technology in our tools.

Ethical Sourcing

Our data collection approach is informed, consensual, and fair. It clearly defines the purpose of collection, data usage, and potential risks involved.


Our state of the art tools makes the data collection and dataset preparation process easy, secure, fast and cost effective for all the stack holders.


Our expertise across generative AI, NLP, computer vision, speech recognition and more allow us to curate high-quality, large-scale datasets that align with your aspirations.


With our exclusive SOP all our datasets are unbiased across languages, gender, age, dialects, accents, demographics and all other aspects.

High Quality

Our trained and experienced crowd network and our multi layer 100% quality assurance process ensures that our datasets consistently attain the highest standards of quality.