Healthcare with AI integration is becoming a reality, not just science fiction. AI is revolutionizing every aspect of the healthcare system, from illness detection to diagnosis to therapy.

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AI enabled Healthcare industry

Training Data for AI in Healthcare

The healthcare environment is interestingly shifting from the point of early illness detection to diagnosis, decision-making, and treatment. Artificial intelligence is growing increasingly adept at doing human tasks with more accuracy and efficiency while also making the lives of administrators, patients, and medical professionals easier.

Diverse and enormous datasets are required to construct such effective solutions for the medical field. Large, ready-to-deploy datasets are available for you. With the assistance of our knowledgeable medical experts, FutureBeeAI can help you compile unique picture and video datasets as well as assist you in annotating medical imagery.

As per Forbes, from interacting with patients to directing patients to the most effective care setting, AI-enabled virtual nursing assistants could save the healthcare industry $20 billion annually.

Browse Structured Datasets in Healthcare

Train & Deploy models with more than 200+ unique real world Image, Video and Speech datasets

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Automated Diagnosis using AI/ML

Automated Diagnosis

AI-enabled NLP-based chatbots can assist people to identify diseases based on symptoms and can recommend medications and physicians. It also provides consumers with information about text-based and voice-based input.

Prescription Auditing using AI/ML

Prescription auditing

Prescription mistakes can be reduced by using OCR and NLP-based technologies. A speech recognition-based AI model can properly transcribe the doctor's voice-based prescription, construct organized doctor notes, and make data more accessible.

Medical Imaginary Diagnosis using AI/ML

Medical Imaginary diagnosis

Based on annotated medical photos, a computer vision-based AI model can identify illnesses quite correctly. It can anticipate early-stage ailments, easing the strain on clinicians.

Medical Imaging Insights using AI/ML

Medical Imaging Insights

Users can click photographs of any medication or medical document and receive relevant details thanks to OCR and NLP-based AI models. The text can also be translated into the user's mother tongue.

AI/ML in Surgical Robots

Surgical robots

Robotic surgery powered by AI is now a reality. These robots can aid with surgery with sub-millimeter precision by identifying the repeated activities inside the surgical operation.

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