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The AI-enabled automobile is about to undergo a tremendous shift that will make it more thrilling and secure than before. AI is revolutionizing the whole automobile ecosystem, from monitoring the driver to autonomous driving.

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AI enabled Autonomous vehicle industry

Training Data for AI in Automotive

In the automotive sector, artificial intelligence (AI) is being efficiently used for all activities, including driverless vehicles, automatic insurance, driver monitoring (ADAS), predictive maintenance, smart manufacturing, and others.

A sufficient number of diverse, high-quality training datasets are required to build such a robust application. Large, ready-to-deploy datasets are provided for you by FutureBeeAI. FutureBeeAI can assist you in gathering unique speech, pictures, videos, and even synthetic datasets. Our skilled team can also assist you with annotating and transcribing data.

As per Vox, the autonomous car market is estimated to be worth $54 billion as of now and expected it to increase tenfold in the next 5–7 years.

Data Security

Security Comes First

ADAS technology using AI/ML


AI-powered technologies can assist us in developing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). ADAS not only assists with parking, auto door locking, and hands-free phone conversations, but it also collects information about the vehicle, driver, driving patterns, and passenger. The ADAS makes a conclusion after considering these insights. Although ADAS has yet to reach its full potential, the automobile industry is in for some exciting days.

Automotive Insurance using AI/ML

Automotive Insurence

The automotive insurance sector is undergoing a technological transformation. AI-enabled CV technologies have the potential to revolutionize the insurance claim process. With the aid of AI, one can create an automotive insurance model that saves time and provides precise damage estimates for insurance claims when accidents occur.

Smart parking using AI/ML

Smart Parking

Smart parking is also the most significant use case in the Autonomous vehicle. Normal parking wastes not only time but also your gasoline. By analyzing traffic direction and flow, documenting peak times, researching traffic behavior to forecast future occurrences, and leveraging devices such as cameras and sensors to gather information, AI has assisted entrepreneurs in creating well-planned and well-managed cities and resolving parking concerns.

Road Condition Monitoring using AI/ML

Road Condition Monitoring

When we're driving, we usually have no idea what's going on on the road one or more kilometers away, and it takes a long time to cross that road or we run into difficulties. But today, with the assistance of AI, we can receive a sense of what is going on on the road ahead of us, as well as the signal to change lanes accordingly. AI uses satellite imagery to gain a sense of the road condition distant from us.

Customer Support Chatbot using AI/ML

Customer Support Chatbot

AI-enabled chatbots can assist clients in a variety of ways, including scheduling test drives, making auto care appointments, and requesting information about vehicle type, variation, and pricing at any time. Customers can provide information to an AI chatbot, which will then display the necessary findings. It makes scheduling a test drive or getting maintenance for their car more straightforward and enables clients to obtain more detailed information about any vehicle.

Predictive Maintenance using AI/ML

Predictive Maintenance

With the aid of AI, it is now possible to get a signal before any part really fails since we always repair any element of our car after it stops operating, which occasionally forces us to deal with risky situations. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has the ability to continually monitor any component's performance and alert the driver to a need to replace that component and avoid any potential hazards. It can spare a lot of time, money, and lives.

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