Korean (South Korea) Scripted Monologue Speech Dataset for BFSI Domain

The audio dataset comprises scripted monologue speech data in the BFSI domain, featuring native Korean speakers from South. It includes speech data, detailed metadata, and accurate transcriptions.


Scripted Prompt Recordings

Total Volume

6000+ prompts

Last updated

July 2024

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Welcome to the Korean Scripted Monologue Speech Dataset for the BFSI Domain. This meticulously curated dataset is designed to advance the development of Korean language speech recognition models, particularly for the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) industry.

Speech Data

This training dataset comprises over 6,000 high-quality scripted prompt recordings in Korean. These recordings cover various topics and scenarios relevant to the BFSI domain, designed to build robust and accurate customer service speech technology.

  • Participant Diversity:
  • Speakers: 60 native Korean speakers from different regions of South.
  • Regions: Ensures a balanced representation of Korean accents, dialects, and demographics.
  • Participant Profile: Participants range from 18 to 70 years old, representing both males and females in a 60:40 ratio, respectively.
  • Recording Details:
  • Recording Nature: Audio recordings of scripted prompts/monologues.
  • Audio Duration: Average duration of 5 to 30 seconds per recording.
  • Formats: WAV format with mono channels, a bit depth of 16 bits, and sample rates of 8 kHz and 16 kHz.
  • Environment: Recordings are conducted in quiet settings without background noise and echo.
  • Topic Diversity: The dataset encompasses a wide array of topics and conversational scenarios to ensure comprehensive coverage of the BFSI sector. Topics include:
  • Customer Service Interactions
  • Financial Transactions
  • Product and Service Inquiries
  • Technical Support
  • General Information and Advice
  • Regulatory and Compliance Queries
  • Domain Specific Statements
  • Other Elements: To enhance realism and utility, the scripted prompts incorporate various elements commonly encountered in BFSI interactions:
  • Names: Region-specific names of males and females in various formats.
  • Addresses: Region-specific addresses in different spoken formats.
  • Dates & Times: Inclusion of date and time in various BFSI contexts.
  • Organization Names: Names of banks, financial institutions, and other relevant organizations.
  • Numbers & Currencies: Various numbers and currencies in domain-specific interactions.
  • Each scripted prompt is crafted to reflect real-life scenarios encountered in the BFSI domain, ensuring applicability in training robust natural language processing and speech recognition models.

    Transcription Data

    In addition to high-quality audio recordings, the dataset includes meticulously prepared text files with verbatim transcriptions of each audio file. These transcriptions are essential for training accurate and robust speech recognition models.

  • Content: Each text file contains the exact scripted prompt corresponding to its audio file, ensuring consistency.
  • Format: Transcriptions are provided in plain text (.TXT) format, with files named to match their associated audio files for easy reference.
  • Quality: All transcriptions are verified for accuracy and consistency by native Korean transcribers.
  • Metadata

    The dataset provides comprehensive metadata for each audio recording and participant:

  • Participant Metadata: Unique identifier, age, gender, country, state, and dialect.
  • Other Metadata: Recording transcript, recording environment, device details, sample rate, bit depth, and file format.
  • This metadata is a powerful tool for understanding and characterizing the data, enabling informed decision-making in the development of Korean language speech recognition models.

    Usage and Applications

    This dataset is a versatile resource for various applications within speech recognition, natural language processing, and AI-driven conversational technologies.

  • Speech Recognition Model Training: High-quality audio recordings and precise transcriptions for training and fine-tuning Korean language speech recognition models.
  • Voice Synthesis: The diverse and high-quality audio data can train generative AI models for creating synthetic voices.
  • Voice Assistants: Ideal for training voice assistants tailored to the BFSI domain.
  • Chatbots: Transcription data can train conversational models, enabling chatbots to respond to customer queries effectively.
  • Entity Recognition: Sentences include names, dates, currencies, and other domain-specific entities for training NLP models for named entity recognition (NER) tasks.
  • Language Understanding: Improve language understanding applications like sentiment analysis and topic modeling within the BFSI sector.
  • Secure and Ethical Collection

  • Our proprietary data collection and transcription platform, “Yugo” was used throughout the dataset creation process.
  • Data remained within our secure platform, ensuring data security and confidentiality.
  • The data collection process adhered to strict ethical guidelines, ensuring the privacy and consent of all participants.
  • The dataset does not include any personally identifiable information about any participant, making it safe to use.
  • License

    This Korean Scripted Monologue Speech Dataset, created by FutureBeeAI, is available for commercial use.

    Use Cases

    Use of scripted speech monologues datasets for Automatic Speech Recognition


    Use of scripted speech monologues datasets for Conversational AI

    Conversational AI

    Use of scripted speech monologues datasets for Chatbot


    Use of scripted speech monologues datasets for Language modelling

    Language modelling

    Use of scripted speech monologues datasets for TTS


    Use of scripted speech monologues datasets for Speech analytics

    Speech Analytics

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    Dataset Demographics

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    Language code



    South Korea


    Hamgyŏng (NE),...more

    Gender Distribution

    M:60, F:40

    Age Group


    Audio File Details

    Details Headline



    Bit Depth

    16 bit

    Sample rate

    8KHz & 16KHz



    Audio file duration

    5 to 30 seconds

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