Hindi General Conversational Text Dataset

The text dataset consist of various general conversations in Hindi between two people.


Text-based Conversational AI

Total volume

15K+ chats

Last Updated

Aug 2022

Number of participants

200 people

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About This OTS Dataset

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What’s Included

This training dataset comprises more than 10,000 conversational text data between two native Hindi people in the general domain. We have a collection of chats on a variety of different topics/services/issues of daily life, such as music, books, festivals, health, kids, family, environment, study, childhood, cuisine, internet, movies, etc., and that makes the dataset diverse.

These chats consist of language-specific words, and phrases and follow the native way of talking which makes the chats more information-rich for your NLP model. Apart from each chat being specific to the topic, it contains various attributes like people's names, addresses, contact information, email address, time, date, local currency, telephone numbers, local slang, etc too in various formats to make the text data unbiased.

These chat scripts have between 300 and 700 words and up to 50 turns. 150 people that are a part of the FutureBeeAI crowd community contributed to this dataset. You will also receive chat metadata, such as participant age, gender, and country information, along with the chats. Dataset applications include conversational AI, natural language processing (NLP), smart assistants, text recognition, text analytics, and text prediction.

This dataset is being expanded with new chats all the time. We are able to produce text data in a variety of languages to meet your unique requirements. Check out the FutureBeeAI community for a custom collection.

This training dataset's licence belongs to FutureBeeAI!

Use Cases

Use of conversational chat dataset in Chatbot


Use of conversational chat dataset in Text Analytics

Text analytics

Use of conversational chat dataset in Text Recognition

Text recognition

Use of conversational chat dataset in Text Prediction

Text prediction

Use of conversational chat dataset in Smart Assistant

Smart assistants

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Dataset Details

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Dataset type

General domain chats


15K+ chats

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File Details

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Number of thread


Word count

300-700 words


txt, docx



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