Arabic (Algeria) Call Center Speech Dataset for Retail & E-commerce

The audio dataset includes call center conversations in Retail & E-commerce, featuring native Arabic speakers from Algeria, with detailed metadata and accurate transcriptions.


Unscripted Call Center Conversations

Total Volume

30 Speech Hours

Last updated

Jun 2024

Number of participants


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Welcome to the Algerian Arabic Call Center Speech Dataset for the Retail domain designed to enhance the development of call center speech recognition models specifically for the Retail industry. This dataset is meticulously curated to support advanced speech recognition, natural language processing, conversational AI, and generative voice AI algorithms.

Speech Data

This training dataset comprises 30 hours of call center audio recordings covering various topics and scenarios related to the Retail domain, designed to build robust and accurate customer service speech technology.

  • Participant Diversity:
  • Speakers: 60 expert native Algerian Arabic speakers from the FutureBeeAI Community.
  • Regions: Different states/provinces of Algeria, ensuring a balanced representation of Algerian accents, dialects, and demographics.
  • Participant Profile: Participants range from 18 to 70 years old, representing both males and females in a 60:40 ratio, respectively.
  • Recording Details:
  • Conversation Nature: Unscripted and spontaneous conversations between call center agents and customers.
  • Call Duration: Average duration of 5 to 15 minutes per call.
  • Formats: WAV format with stereo channels, a bit depth of 16 bits, and a sample rate of 8 and 16 kHz.
  • Environment: Without background noise and without echo.
  • Topic Diversity

    This dataset offers a diverse range of conversation topics, call types, and outcomes, including both inbound and outbound calls with positive, neutral, and negative outcomes.

  • Inbound Calls:
  • Product Inquiry
  • Return/Exchange Request
  • Order Cancellation
  • Refund Request
  • Membership/Subscriptions Enquiry
  • Order Cancellations, and many more
  • Outbound Calls:
  • Order Confirmation
  • Cross-selling and Upselling
  • Account Updates
  • Loyalty Program offers
  • Special Offers and Promotions
  • Customer Verification, and many more
  • This extensive coverage ensures the dataset includes realistic call center scenarios, which is essential for developing effective customer support speech recognition models.


    To facilitate your workflow, the dataset includes manual verbatim transcriptions of each call center audio file in JSON format. These transcriptions feature:

  • Speaker-wise Segmentation: Time-coded segments for both agents and customers.
  • Non-Speech Labels: Tags and labels for non-speech elements.
  • Word Error Rate: Word error rate is less than 5% thanks to the dual layer of QA.
  • These ready-to-use transcriptions accelerate the development of the Retail domain call center conversational AI and ASR models for the Arabic language.


    The dataset provides comprehensive metadata for each conversation and participant:

  • Participant Metadata: Unique identifier, age, gender, country, state, district, accent and dialect.
  • Conversation Metadata: Domain, topic, call type, outcome/sentiment, bit depth, and sample rate.
  • This metadata is a powerful tool for understanding and characterizing the data, enabling informed decision-making in the development of Arabic call center speech recognition models.

    Usage and Applications

    This dataset can be used for various applications in the fields of speech recognition, natural language processing, and conversational AI, specifically tailored to the Retail domain. Potential use cases include:

  • Speech Recognition Models: Training and fine-tuning speech recognition models for Algerian Arabic.
  • Speech Analytics Models: Building speech analytics models to extract insights, identify patterns, and glean valuable information from customer conversation, enables data-driven decision-making and process optimization within the Retail sector.
  • Smart Assistants and Chatbots: Developing conversational agents and virtual assistants for customer service in the Retail industries.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Analyzing customer sentiment and improving customer experience based on call center interactions.
  • Generative AI: Training generative AI models capable of generating human-like responses, summaries, or content tailored to the Retail domain.
  • Secure and Ethical Collection

  • Our proprietary data collection and transcription platform, “Yugo” was used throughout the process of this dataset creation.
  • Throughout the data collection process, the data remained within our secure platform and did not leave our environment, ensuring data security and confidentiality.
  • The data collection process adhered to strict ethical guidelines, ensuring the privacy and consent of all participants.
  • It does not include any personally identifiable information about any participant, which makes the dataset safe to use.
  • The dataset does not contain any copyrighted content.
  • Updates and Customization

    Understanding the importance of diverse environments for robust ASR models, our call center voice dataset is regularly updated with new audio data captured in various real-world conditions.

  • Customization & Custom Collection Options:
  • Environmental Conditions: Custom collection in specific environmental conditions upon request.
  • Sample Rates: Customizable from 8kHz to 48kHz.
  • Transcription Customization: Tailored to specific guidelines and requirements.
  • License

    This Retail domain call center audio dataset is created by FutureBeeAI and is available for commercial use.

    Use Cases

    Use of speech data for Automatic Speech Recognition


    Use of speech data in Conversational AI

    Conversational AI

    Use of speech data for Chatbot & voicebot creation


    Use of speech data in Language Modeling

    Language Modelling

    Use of speech data in Text-into-speech


    Speech data usecase in Speech Analytics

    Speech Analytics

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    Eastern Hilal,...more

    Gender Distribution

    M:55, F:45

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    Audio File Details

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    Silent, Noisy

    Bit Depth

    16 bit



    Sample rate

    8khz & 16khz



    Audio file duration

    5-15 minutes

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