Chain of Thoughts Prompt & Response Dataset in Polish

This chain of thought prompt and completion dataset consists of a wide range of arithmetic, common sense, and reasoning questions, answers, and rationale behind the answers in the Polish language. Along with that, it includes detailed annotation for each data asset.


Chain-of-Thought Prompt-Completion Dataset

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3000+ Assets

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Sep 2023

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50+ people

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What’s Included

Welcome to the Polish Chain of Thought prompt-response dataset, a meticulously curated collection containing 3000 comprehensive prompt and response pairs. This dataset is an invaluable resource for training Language Models (LMs) to generate well-reasoned answers and minimize inaccuracies. Its primary utility lies in enhancing LLMs' reasoning skills for solving arithmetic, common sense, symbolic reasoning, and complex problems.

Dataset Content:

This COT dataset comprises a diverse set of instructions and questions paired with corresponding answers and rationales in the Polish language. These prompts and completions cover a broad range of topics and questions, including mathematical concepts, common sense reasoning, complex problem-solving, scientific inquiries, puzzles, and more.

Each prompt is meticulously accompanied by a response and rationale, providing essential information and insights to enhance the language model training process. These prompts, completions, and rationales were manually curated by native Polish people, drawing references from various sources, including open-source datasets, news articles, websites, and other reliable references.

Our chain-of-thought prompt-completion dataset includes various prompt types, such as instructional prompts, continuations, and in-context learning (zero-shot, few-shot) prompts. Additionally, the dataset contains prompts and completions enriched with various forms of rich text, such as lists, tables, code snippets, JSON, and more, with proper markdown format.

Prompt Diversity:

To ensure a wide-ranging dataset, we have included prompts from a plethora of topics related to mathematics, common sense reasoning, and symbolic reasoning. These topics encompass arithmetic, percentages, ratios, geometry, analogies, spatial reasoning, temporal reasoning, logic puzzles, patterns, and sequences, among others.

These prompts vary in complexity, spanning easy, medium, and hard levels. Various question types are included, such as multiple-choice, direct queries, and true/false assessments.

Response Formats:

To accommodate diverse learning experiences, our dataset incorporates different types of answers depending on the prompt and provides step-by-step rationales. The detailed rationale aids the language model in building reasoning process for complex questions.

These responses encompass text strings, numerical values, and date and time formats, enhancing the language model's ability to generate reliable, coherent, and contextually appropriate answers.

Data Format and Annotation Details:

This fully labeled Polish Chain of Thought Prompt Completion Dataset is available in JSON and CSV formats. It includes annotation details such as a unique ID, prompt, prompt type, prompt complexity, prompt category, domain, response, rationale, response type, and rich text presence.

Quality and Accuracy:

Our dataset upholds the highest standards of quality and accuracy. Each prompt undergoes meticulous validation, and the corresponding responses and rationales are thoroughly verified. We prioritize inclusivity, ensuring that the dataset incorporates prompts and completions representing diverse perspectives and writing styles, maintaining an unbiased and discrimination-free stance.

The Polish version is grammatically accurate without any spelling or grammatical errors. No copyrighted, toxic, or harmful content is used during the construction of this dataset.

Continuous Updates and Customization:

The entire dataset was prepared with the assistance of human curators from the FutureBeeAI crowd community. Ongoing efforts are made to add more assets to this dataset, ensuring its growth and relevance. Additionally, FutureBeeAI offers the ability to gather custom chain of thought prompt completion data tailored to specific needs, providing flexibility and customization options.


The dataset, created by FutureBeeAI, is now available for commercial use. Researchers, data scientists, and developers can leverage this fully labeled and ready-to-deploy Polish Chain of Thought Prompt Completion Dataset to enhance the rationale and accurate response generation capabilities of their generative AI models and explore new approaches to NLP tasks.

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