English to Portuguese Shopping Domain Parallel Corpora

Dataset consists of bilingual sentence-aligned corpora for the shopping domain from English to Portuguese.


Parallel Corpora


50K+ corpus

Last Updated

Aug 2022

Number of participants

200+ people

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What’s Included

This bilingual parallel corpus consists of 50K+ sentence text data translated to Portuguese from English with the help of more than 200 native translators in the Shopping domain. These domain-specific parallel corpora have native language slang, phrases, and language-specific words, and follow the native way of talking, making the corpus more information-rich. Many of the same sentences are translated by various native translators, allowing us to compare how various groups interpret the same text.

The sentences in this comparable corpus range in length from 7 to 15 words. The data is accessible in excel format and can be converted into TMX, XML, XLIFF, or other equivalent formats.

These parallel bilingual corpora can be utilised for the research and development of bilingual lexicography and machine translation engines. Additionally, it can be used to create numerous language databases for applications like predictive keyboards, spell checkers, grammar checkers, text/speech understanding systems, text-to-speech modules, and many others that are based on NLP.

More translated sentences are constantly being added to this parallel corpus. Depending on your unique requirements, we can curate numerous parallel corpora in various languages. For synthetic custom curation, do not forget to check out the FutureBeeAI community.

The license for this parallel corpus dataset belongs to FutureBeeAI!

Use Cases

Use of parallel corpus dataset in MT Engine

MT Engine

Use of parallel corpus dataset in Language modeling

Language model

Use of parallel corpus dataset in Predictive keyboards

Predictive keyboards

Use of parallel corpora dataset in Spell checker

Spell check

Use of parallel corpus dataset in grammar correction tool

Grammar correction

Use of parallel corpus dataset in Text/speech system

Text/speech systems

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Dataset type

Corpus data


50K+ corpus

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Word count

7 to 12 words/line





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