Handwritten Shopping List Image OCR Dataset with Danish Text

This OCR dataset consists of diverse types of images of shopping lists with handwritten text in the Danish language. Along with images, this dataset consist of detailed metadata as well.




2K+ images

Last Updated

Sep 2023

Number of participants

200+ people

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What’s Included

Introducing the Danish Shopping List Image Dataset - a diverse and comprehensive collection of handwritten text images carefully curated to propel the advancement of text recognition and optical character recognition (OCR) models designed specifically for the Danish language.

Dataset Contain & Diversity:

Containing more than 2000 images, this Danish OCR dataset offers a wide distribution of different types of shopping list images. Within this dataset, you'll discover a variety of handwritten text, including sentences, and individual item name words, quantity, comments, etc on shopping lists. The images in this dataset showcase distinct handwriting styles, fonts, font sizes, and writing variations.

To ensure diversity and robustness in training your OCR model, we allow limited (less than three) unique images in a single handwriting. This ensures we have diverse types of handwriting to train your OCR model on. Stringent measures have been taken to exclude any personally identifiable information (PII) and to ensure that in each image a minimum of 80% of space contains visible Danish text.

The images have been captured under varying lighting conditions, including day and night, as well as different capture angles and backgrounds. This diversity helps build a balanced OCR dataset, featuring images in both portrait and landscape modes.

All these shopping lists were written and images were captured by native Danish people to ensure text quality, prevent toxic content, and exclude PII text. We utilized the latest iOS and Android mobile devices with cameras above 5MP to maintain image quality. Images in this training dataset are available in both JPEG and HEIC formats.


In addition to the image data, you will receive structured metadata in CSV format. For each image, this metadata includes information on image orientation, country, language, and device details. Each image is correctly named to correspond with the metadata.

This metadata serves as a valuable resource for understanding and characterizing the data, aiding informed decision-making in the development of Danish text recognition models.

Update & Custom Collection:

We are committed to continually expanding this dataset by adding more images with the help of our native Danish crowd community.

If you require a customized OCR dataset containing shopping list images tailored to your specific guidelines or device distribution, please don't hesitate to contact us. We have the capability to curate specialized data to meet your unique requirements.

Additionally, we can annotate or label the images with bounding boxes or transcribe the text in the images to align with your project's specific needs using our crowd community.


This image dataset, created by FutureBeeAI, is now available for commercial use.


Leverage this shopping list image OCR dataset to enhance the training and performance of text recognition, text detection, and optical character recognition models for the Danish language. Your journey to improved language understanding and processing begins here.

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