Hispanic Human Selfie & ID Card Image Dataset

Each set in this training dataset consists of 5 different selfies and 2 images of the human face from ID cards of Hispanic people.


Facial Biometric data

Total volume

10K+ images

Last Updated

Aug 2022

Number of participants

1.5K+ people

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What’s Included

This AI training dataset contains 1.5K+ human facial image datasets for the face recognition model. Each dataset contains 5 different selfie images and 2 images of a human face from different ID cards. A network comprising more than 1500 individuals from Latin American nations including Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and many more has been used to gather the facial image data. The participants in the collection are males and females from the age group of 18 to 70 years. All images were collected with different lighting conditions and backgrounds to keep the Biometric dataset diverse and unbiased. All photos were taken using the most recent mobile devices, and both the selfie and ID card photos are of high quality.

Along with facial Image data, it also has metadata of participants like name, age, gender, country, and demographic of each participant to make it ready to use for computer vision technology. This human picture dataset for machine learning can be useful for teaching and assisting machines to recognise and identify Latin American people's faces. This training dataset can also be used to create models for KYC, biometric identity, and facial recognition, among other things.

We continuously add more assets of diverse conditions and requirements in this off-the-shelf Image dataset. In accordance with your unique AI demands, we can additionally gather more detailed facial data. You can explore our crowd community for custom facial data collection.

The license for this training dataset belongs to FutureBeeAI.

Use Cases

Use of human image datasets in image recognition

Facial recognition

Use of human image datasets in KYC


Use of human image datasets in Biometric Identification

Biometric Identification

Use of human image datasets in Smart Retail

Smart Retail

Use of human image datasets in Security & Surveillance

Security & Surveillance

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10K+ images

Gender Distribution

M:60, F:40

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