It’s impossible to ignore the impact of ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing in the AI landscape. Recently, Bing reached a milestone of 100 million active users, a feat some attribute to ChatGPT, even suggesting it could be the reason for Google’s potential downfall.

Google’s response is the experimental AI chatbot Bard, which we will test in this blog, comparing it to Microsoft’s ChatGPT in various challenges.

Google’s Bard: Speed and Draft Alternatives

When using Google’s Bard, two things immediately become apparent. First, Bard is remarkably fast, surpassing ChatGPT in response time.

 Calculating the time differences between Bard and Bing.

Second, it offers a “view other drafts” toggle, giving users multiple drafts for the same answer in varying lengths and tones. This feature enhances user experience by providing alternative responses.

But more than this the better question is who is better?

Well, let’s test them out side by side!

Round 1: Political History Summary

We challenged both chatbots to write a 2000-word summary of India’s political history between 1960 and 1990.

BardVSBing Test1: Asking India's Political History

Google’s Bard delivered a quick, accurate response, starting with Jawaharlal Nehru’s death, the emergency, and economic liberalization.

Bing now on the other hand has three modes: ✨Creative, ☯Balance, and 🎯Precise

We leave it to “☯Balance” because that’s the default mode and what most people would use!

Bing’s ChatGPT, however, chose to provide Wikipedia links rather than a summary.

The score is
Bard — 😎 1
Bing — 🥴 0

Round 2: Creative YouTube Short Script

We upped the ante by asking the chatbots to write a creative YouTube short script in Snoop Dogg’s style, ending with a call to action to like, share, and subscribe.

Asking to create YouTube script for Shorts

Bing’s ChatGPT outperformed Google’s Bard, delivering a well-crafted rap script that effectively conveyed the message.

Bard’s response was decent but fell short in comparison.

The score now stands at
Bard — 😎 1
Bing — 😎 1

Round 3: HTML Code Challenge

In the most challenging test, we asked the chatbots to write an HTML code that opens 20 YouTube tabs with a single button click.

Asking to write HTML code to open 20 tabs in one click button

Google’s Bard said it limited to answers only in the text as it’s in a testing version to provide a working code, whereas Bing’s ChatGPT at first it started writing code but finishing more than half a code it said “My apologies, I’m not meant to write code. But then again I tried refreshing the site and delivered a working functional code.

The final Score:
Bard — 🥴 1
Bing — 😎 2

Microsoft’s Integration and Rapid Pace

Microsoft has been rapidly integrating AI technologies, such as DALL-E 2, into Bing, which gives it a competitive advantage over Google. For example, Bing’s Image Creator allows users to request specific images that the AI generates on demand. Although Bing has reached 100 million daily active users, it still has a long way to go to catch up to Google’s 1 billion.

Google’s LaMDA Language and Preparedness

GIF of LaMDA Visualization

Google’s Bard runs on a language called LaMDA (Language Model For Dialogue Applications), which has significantly improved Google’s search capabilities since 2021. LaMDA allows the search engine to better understand human speech and conversational patterns. This development indicates that Google is prepared for the AI competition.

The Bigger Picture: Revenue and Products

It’s essential to consider the bigger picture when comparing these tech giants. Google’s primary revenue-generating products are ad-serving platforms, while Microsoft’s top products include Office 365 and Azure cloud services. AI integration in these products will likely determine the future success of each company.

The Uncertain Future of AI

As it stands, Bing and ChatGPT appear to be stronger than Google’s Bard. However, with AI technology rapidly evolving and both tech giants pushing their limits, it’s impossible to predict the ultimate winner. The AI war is on, and only time will reveal the true champion.

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