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Training Data
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What is the role of data augmentation in LLM training?

Data augmentation in Large Language Model (LLM) training is a technique to artificially increase the size and diversity of the training data by applying transformations to the existing data.

This enhances model performance, robustness, and generalization without requiring additional data collection.

Data augmentation techniques in LLM training include:

- Text perturbation (e.g., paraphrasing, word insertion, deletion)

- Style transfer (e.g., changing tone, genre, or language)

- Synthetic data generation (e.g., using generative models)

- Mixup (combining different texts)

- Back-translation (translating text to another language and back)

Data augmentation:

- Reduces overfitting by providing a larger, more diverse training set

- Improves model adaptability to new tasks and domains

- Enhances linguistic understanding and generation capabilities

By leveraging data augmentation, LLMs can learn more effectively and generalize better to unseen data, leading to improved performance in various NLP tasks.

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